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We understand that everyone has a personal favourite flower or a colour scheme that makes them weak at the knee’s so we’ve created the option to create a unique and bespoke arrangement designed by owner Marisa.

We look back on some of our bespoke arrangements for our customers with such fondness as we know how much joy they have brought to you. Expect unusual flower varieties, juicy Roses, heady floral scents, striking colour combinations and interest at every angle.

We look forward to hearing about your bespoke arrangement. Please select your budget below and phone us (07800721215) to confirm what you would like in your bespoke arrangement.

Image 1 (main image is a Large) | £115

Image 2 (small) | £55

Image 3 (medium)| £85

Image 4 (Large) | £115

The Flowers With M style is never too serious and always natural, each bouquet is unique and truly bespoke.

Deliveries are usually made 9am – 6:30pm but we can’t provide exact delivery times. Please email if your plans change and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Sadly we cannot be responsible for your flowers if you miss the delivery.





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We are trying our best to deliver an arrangement that represents the image on the website however given the current climate there is a chance that your bouquet may need to be altered slightly to the image online. Although our partners are still receiving their flowers, supply has been affected by COVID-19 which is leading to certain stems not being available on day of delivery.

Your Flowers Wit M delivery comes directly from the grower and is sourced to order, meaning they are the freshest flowers available. To enjoy your flowers for longer, follow these simple steps:

1) Remove any foliage that would be below the waterline to avoid contaminating the water

2) Re-cut the stems at a 45° angle to encourage maximum water absorption

3) Place the stems in a clean vase with freshly-drawn, lukewarm water as soon as possible

4) Ensure the flowers are positioned out of direct sunlight, away from drafts or heating and avoid extreme temperatures

Change the water regularly to keep the flowers happy and healthy.







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